Postcards from Algiers

Retrieving memories from recent travel; a destination that had been in the bucket list a long time before I ever had the chance to reach. Algeria, albeit difficult to reach, is a blend of something very exotic but at the same time very familiar. I have always struggled to share thoughts about Algeria. Thus, I... Continue Reading →

Morocco, Marrakech: “Tailor-made” exoticism.

Well, people do not always define certain terms universally. Let's take "exoticism" for example: Paris is exotic to a man from Argentina, while it definitely isn't to a German. The Arab world is definitely exotic to any so-called westerner, but again in neoliberalish terms, when one thinks of "exotic" Morocco they would imagine romance in... Continue Reading →

Planet Dubai (UAE). دبي

Dubai is a planet in its own Universe. A land of frenetic progress, vanity to the extreme; land of world records, a place that changes every day only to prove that the human potential has no limits. Size matters here, same as height, luxury, speed, ambition.Yes, you can go skiing in the desert, you can... Continue Reading →

Women in Iran.

Among the Eastern peoples, Iranians-who have always asserted “not to be mistaked for Arabs (!)”-seem to be the most difficult for the western eye to understand, and Iranian women-or attitudes towards them-have long been a surface of controversy. But what are truly Iranian women allowed to do within their society that during the 70s looked […]

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