Postcards from Algiers

Retrieving memories from recent travel; a destination that had been in the bucket list a long time before I ever had the chance to reach. Algeria, albeit difficult to reach, is a blend of something very exotic but at the same time very familiar. I have always struggled to share thoughts about Algeria. Thus, I... Continue Reading →

Greece: Cape Tainaron, Mani, Peloponnese.

Mani, in the southernmost part of Peloponnese is a cape, an expanse, a geographical and cultural area, also long known by its medieval name Maïni (Μαΐνη). Τhe area is scattered with wonderful medieval villages, with Gytheion and Areopolis as its capital towns. A very good job seems to have been done here, both at maintaining... Continue Reading →

Armenia’s Religious Character.

Let me tell you the story of "Saint Gregory the Illuminator" from Armenia. According to the legend, Gregory was born in a very well-off Armenian family. His father killed the Armenian king but also lost his life after that. Gregory’s biographer Agathangelos wrote that after his father’s death, Gregory-still a child-was transferred to, and raised... Continue Reading →

Cambodia, Siem Reap; the temples of Angkor Wat

Angkor is a stunning complex of temples found in the North-west of Cambodia, proudly holding the title of the largest religious monument in the world with Angkor Wat in its heart! The ultimate fusion of creative ambition and spiritual devotion are a source of inspiration and profound pride to all Khmers (Lonely Planet, 2010). Construction... Continue Reading →

Vietnam: Hoi An, City of Lanterns.

This is the most captivating, most picturesque, romantic and chic Vietnamese city - no doubt! The Thu Bon River used to be a glorious international trading port back in the 17th century. Traces of the Chinese, Japanese and European influence are omnipresent - "written" on the splendid, local architecture. We're in the South now and... Continue Reading →

Singapore: Gardens by the Bay.

In the middle of a city, which is in the middle of the jungle, one will not miss the splendid tropical "Gardens by the Bay"!  Back to Singapore after four years. This was not planned. There was a nine-hour wait at the Changi airport on a transit flight to Hanoi/Vietnam. It was very early, six... Continue Reading →

Asian Gothic: Nepal.

If Gothic had been conceived and cultivated in Asia, it would have been under the blessings of Nepal! Reddish and dark subdued colours, fog, carnivorous Gods, elaborate architecture with complex ornaments, stupas with the Buddha's eyes omnipresent, under the shade of the Himalayan Mountain range, and this terrible memory of the dark 25th of April,... Continue Reading →

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