Postcards from Montevideo, Uruguay

The sun has this ability to transform everything. I reached Montevideo by ferry from Buenos Aires on a foggy, humid Monday morning. Streets were empty, people looked suspicious, a couple of museums that I visited were derelict and lacking of any interest. My saddest disappointment was the museum of Latin American Art I was so... Continue Reading →

Buenos Aires; Ciudad y los Libros

Almost a week here, and it didn’t take long to feel like home. Mrs Mariel, a retired teacher, is the dueña of the apartment I’m renting. She spends her days cultivating her orchids and taking care of her guests. The living room of the early 20th century apartment is a small library-tropical garden. Every evening... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Algiers

Retrieving memories from recent travel; a destination that had been in the bucket list a long time before I ever had the chance to reach. Algeria, albeit difficult to reach, is a blend of something very exotic but at the same time very familiar. I have always struggled to share thoughts about Algeria. Thus, I... Continue Reading →

Greece: Cape Tainaron, Mani, Peloponnese.

Mani, in the southernmost part of Peloponnese is a cape, an expanse, a geographical and cultural area, also long known by its medieval name Maïni (Μαΐνη). Τhe area is scattered with wonderful medieval villages, with Gytheion and Areopolis as its capital towns. A very good job seems to have been done here, both at maintaining... Continue Reading →

Instagrammers; this plague

Ever since the HBO Chernobyl series came out, Ukraine has been receiving an influx of visitors from all over the world. The town of Pripyat or else "exclusion zone" has been the new hotspot. A selfie at the site of the terrible tragedy has become every influencer's "noble cause" with hordes of tourists posing their... Continue Reading →

Challenging Ethiopia.

It is dawn, April 29. And we've just arrived. And the sky boasts this colour that you've never seen again. And you know that you're there. You know you're in Africa; from the peace in the sky and the smell of the acacia trees and this something in the air you're breathing that you've never... Continue Reading →

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