The Russian Matryoshka Doll.

I had always been intrigued by the story behind the Russian Matryoshka dolls: Somehow, somewhere, someone once told me that Matryoshkas had always stood for the heroism and sacrifice of the Russian women during war time, as they stood at the forefront on army expeditions, sacrificing their bodies by stepping onto minefields before the soldiers,... Continue Reading →


Armenia’s Religious Character.

Let me tell you the story of "Saint Gregory the Illuminator" from Armenia. According to the legend, Gregory was born in a very well-off Armenian family. His father killed the Armenian king but also lost his life after that. Gregory’s biographer Agathangelos wrote that after his father’s death, Gregory-still a child-was transferred to, and raised... Continue Reading →

Cairo, Egypt. Café “Riche”.

First time I visited Cairo, I was only eleven. Twenty six years after, I anticipated, being extremely emotional to see if things would look as “big” and exciting as they had before my childhood eyes. You see it was the first time I would ever travel abroad (had crossed the Balkans with mum and dad... Continue Reading →

Why God(s) should be kept alive.

This year I was blessed enough to travel a lot. The compass kept pointing to the East. I knew very well that it was mysticism that took me to Asia as well as what we call: "the cultural gap", that is, this impossibility of deep understanding - despite one's struggle - of the eastern "otherness".... Continue Reading →

Cambodia, Siem Reap; the temples of Angkor

Angkor is a stunning complex of temples found in the North-west of Cambodia, proudly holding the title of the largest religious monument in the world with Angkor Wat in its heart! The ultimate fusion of creative ambition and spiritual devotion are a source of inspiration and profound pride to all Khmers (Lonely Planet, 2010). Construction... Continue Reading →

Vietnam: Hoi An, City of Lanterns.

This is the most captivating, most picturesque, romantic and chic Vietnamese city - no doubt! The Thu Bon River used to be a glorious international trading port back in the 17th century. Traces of the Chinese, Japanese and European influence are omnipresent - "written" on the splendid, local architecture. We're in the South now and... Continue Reading →

Vietnam: Everybody plays in Hanoi!

 Wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning and don't miss this miracle unfolding before your eyes! People wake up before the city does (shops, morning shifts etc.) and reach for the Hoan Kiem Lake to meditate, take their morning exercise, play: dance, yoga, cycling, fishing, aerobics, weight lifting, chess, massage! Same at dusk! Children... Continue Reading →

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