Vietnam: Hoi An, City of Lanterns.

This is the most captivating, most picturesque, romantic and chic Vietnamese city – no doubt! The Thu Bon River used to be a glorious international trading port back in the 17th century. Traces of the Chinese, Japanese and European influence are omnipresent – “written” on the splendid, local architecture. We’re in the South now and the visitor can sense the difference in the air between the cities of he North and the Southern ones; communication can be a challenge; hardly do people speak English, but they are easier to approach, more friendly and welcoming. This is a city of good taste: Excellent cafes and restaurants,  a very interesting night market, food, crafts, arts and entertainment. Hoi An makes the traveler wish to pay their respects. Walks across the river can be rather annoying at nights – the river banks can get inundated with tourists but the lantern-lit Hoi An streets are not to be missed. The entire Vietnam seems to be an adventure travel experience, but Hoi An is the gentle face of it..


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