Singapore: Gardens by the Bay.

In the middle of a city, which is in the middle of the jungle, one will not miss the splendid tropical “Gardens by the Bay”! 

Back to Singapore after four years. This was not planned. There was a nine-hour wait at the Changi airport on a transit flight to Hanoi/Vietnam. It was very early, six o’clock on a Sunday morning. The city would remain quiet anyway for the rest of the day. Literally under the shadow of the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel lie those magnificent botanical gardens and it’s not only the stunning variety of tropical flora they boast- it is also the comprehensive sustainability efforts that make the gardens set an example of environmental awareness. Everyone has seen those amazing super-tree, iron constructions, which provide the park with energy via photovoltaic cells. Two glass conservatories occupy glass biomes that would explicate the Mediterranean and Tropical climate. Strolling around the gardens one will see the Dragonfly Lake and Kingfisher Lake which water irrigates the whole expanse of 130 acres.

This metropolis-no doubt, as clean as a city can be, is there to teach everyone that sophisticated technology can be very sexy when holding hands with ethos and awareness.

July 23, 2017.


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  1. Very interesting text. I think you wrote a wrong date (June instead of July 23).
    Bon voyage.
    Looking forward to know more about Viet Nam.


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