Asian Gothic: Nepal.

If Gothic had been conceived and cultivated in Asia, it would have been under the blessings of Nepal! Reddish and dark subdued colours, fog, carnivorous Gods, elaborate architecture with complex ornaments, stupas with the Buddha’s eyes omnipresent, under the shade of the Himalayan Mountain range, and this terrible memory of the dark 25th of April, 2015 when a massive earthquake stroke the whole country turning everything into ruins and debris. But grief and misery do not belong here and the gods would not have allowed this. The Nepalis are optimist people, modest and decent, working hard to rebuild their fascinating country from its ashes.

Kathmandu is a captivating capital with a magnificent historic (Medieval) centre (Durbar Square). The pavilions and shrines constitute an open-air architectural museum and hidden backstreet courtyards surprise the visitor, same as the vivid festivals and everyday rituals do. The population in Nepal is predominantly Hindu but the Buddhist tradition prevails. Nepal (Lumbini) is the birthplace of Buddha but also home to a wonderful people who warmly receive the traveler and captivate them with their kindness and a smile that comes directly from the heart!



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