The Portuguese Fado.

I discovered Lisboa in the books of Antonio Tabucchi (“Sostiene Pereira” 1994, Feltrinelli/ “Pereira Maintains”). In Lisboa, I discovered the Fado. Fado is a music genre dating back to the 1820s probably with much earlier origins to be traced; A simple, rather minimal style of music accompanied by lyrics much about anything at present form. Nonetheless, in its more loyal to tradition structure, Fado is mostly about grief and loss, about the sea and the destiny of the less privileged, generally infused by a sentiment of melancholia and resignation. The term “fado” explains for itself, as it  originally comes from the Latin word fatum, from which the English word “fate” also originates.

The list of famous fado singers is long. Amalia Rodrigues, Dulce Pontes, Carlos do Carmo, Antonio Zambujo, Ana Moura, Misia are only but a few of those. Don’t miss to “youtube” a few Fado songs and definitely don’t miss to indulge in a Fado song performed by Mariza-a stunning Fado artist internationally acknowledged at present time.

People sing in Lisboa, and you can tell. The lyricism that the traveler sees in the local people’s eyes, in their streets, the culture and the popular psyche, is same with that lyricism that one would trace in every Fado song. The feeling is always there too. And you can tell..


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